Hello, and welcome to the absurd notion of dedicatng a website to myself.  I say absurd, but in reality that's really what 'facebook' is, isn't it?  The last I checked facebook was getting close to 800K accounts.  Wow, that's a lot of duck lip bathroom poses!

While my concept is not original, I was hoping on giving my readers a more humorous side to life with a dash of nostalgia for those old enough to remember the 70s and 80s.   For those of you not old enough to remember the 80s, all I can say is that we actually spoke to one another in person without the use of handheld electronic devices.  More remarkably I'd say 95% of us could not type at the time either.  

My personal biography is somewhat complicated. As a matter o' fact, it's so complicated that every time I tell it I sometimes contradict myself, and whenever I do try to get it right I'm misquoted by most who hear it. So, this publication of a Website dedicated to my humor, my career, travels and eclectic hobbies seemed like a good place to get the story out there. 

As previously stated, the thought of creating a full website about my life and journeys in life composed in a website log (blog) isn't a new idea, so I decided to explain it by going backward and letting you see it through my eyes or atleast rehash your own memories with videos and maybe a story or two to make you smile.

Feel free to write me, - I enjoy hearing from my readers.


"Remember kids, Fantasia has no boundaries..."



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